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Pretty Architecture presents: Glass houses S2E1

This open glass house doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but is sure to spark some creative thinking of your own! Netherlands architecture firm Hans van Heeswijk Architects designed this stunning glass wall house in Amsterdam, where the interior is always on display. (And if you value your privacy, this isn’t the place for you! But, it’s definitely worth a tour for the architecture lovers out there.) 

In fact, it’s the residence of Hans van Heeswijk, who wanted a spacious, light-filled place full of dramatic details to call “home.” Inside, this open concept home design welcomes you with a vast, open interior - an open-to-above living area punctuated with open staircases zigzagging their way up, and contemporary loft levels cutting across from one side to the other. 

At the center of the home, a “magic box” rises three storeys and is clad in wenge wood, housing storage closets, a bathroom every floor and a dumbwaiter. Topping off this contemporary design, a rooftop terrace overlooks the waterfront. Hans van Heeswijk Architects

via Arch Daily
photo credit: Imre Csany/Csany Studio

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The coming four days the remaining parts of the ‘glass-series’ are uploaded at 20:00 hrs (UTC+1).

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My personal favorite. :)

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